Preclinical R&D Analytical Services

Purification & Chiral Separation

Averica’s chromatography systems contain custom innovations, delivering the fastest turnaround and highest recovery without sacrificing any quality.  Upon completion of a project clients receive highly pure compounds, an optimized method, and detailed reporting and analytics.

Impurity Isolation & Profiling

Impurity isolation and identification offers you critical information on the structure of your impurity, triggering synthesis efforts that contribute directly to CMC filings and better define conditions for the GMP synthesis process.

Analytical Method Development

Our scientists develop analytical methods that are robust, transferable, reproducible, and designed to generate quality results.  Averica’s method development services ensure that your team makes the best decisions and hits drug development milestones.

Preformulation & Custom Assays

  • pH/solubility Profiling
  • Solubility Excipient Screening
  • Stability Indicating Method
  • Overall Stability
  • Forced Degradation
  • PSA – Indirect Measurement Through EPSA

Averica helps late stage lead development teams understand the physiochemical properties of their lead compound.  The panel includes 5 components, resulting in a matrix of over 150 experiments.  This provides you with the most soluble and stable environment for your compound.