An Overview of Stability Studies in the Industry

testing and services are an essential part of many industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, environmental, and materials science.

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Why you need this virtual audit?

Process in which the will is proved in court as the deceased’s “true last living testament” and could take more time than you think. This process can lead to unforeseen costs and possibly, legal delays - especially if the deceased passed away with no estate plan in place before their death, or if the estate is a complicated one.

Virtual Audits were implemented to mimic the traditional audits as much as possible. This includes:

  • Presentation of the organization and facility through a web portal
  • Live tour of the site through a web portal and Bluetooth® microphone used for SMEs.
  • Document review offered through the online portal giving auditors the ability navigate into the documentation by themselves with read-only access. A web camera is also available for when it's required to show larger documents.
  • Professionally recorded video footage with narration and subtitles is produced to present our main functional areas in more detail. These can be presented to complement the virtual tour.

In order to ensure the highest level of efficiency, we put the greatest emphasis on the audit preparation. It's crucial to understand the scope of the audit and to schedule the participation of the subject matter experts ahead of time in order to ensure that we have the right people in attendance. When faced with the challenge.