Ensuring Product Integrity and Performance

Neopharm ensures your products meet regulatory standards by providing insights into their behaviour under diverse conditions. Our stability experts manage studies for each market and distribution route to ensure suitability for specific climatic conditions.

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We offer a full suite of Stability Services designed to meet your unique requirements for both small molecules and biologics. From stability storage and testing to photostability studies and stress studies, our dedicated team of experts leverages cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to provide reliable and accurate stability data. 

We assist you in making informed decisions regarding formulation, packaging, and shelf life, helping you optimize product stability and minimize risks.

Our team of experts brings together technical expertise, regulatory knowledge, and a commitment to excellence to deliver stability services that inspire confidence and drive success.


Stability Storage & Testing 

Neopharm offers state-of-the-art stability storage facilities equipped with validated environmental conditions to accommodate a wide range of temperature and humidity requirements. Combined with our comprehensive stability testing protocols, we ensure accurate assessment of product stability throughout its intended shelf life. Trust Neopharm to provide reliable and actionable stability data that guides your formulation and packaging decisions. Learn more

Drug product Stress Studies (Forced Degradation)

Under our rigorous Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions, our experienced team conducts stress studies with meticulous attention to detail. We carefully design study protocols tailored to your specific drug substances and products, ensuring accurate and meaningful results. Throughout the process, we adhere to industry regulations and guidelines, maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance. Learn more

Photostability Studies

Assess the susceptibility of your pharmaceutical products to light-induced degradation with our specialized photostability studies. Neopharm utilizes controlled lighting conditions and scientifically validated methods to evaluate the photostability of your products, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines. Gain insights into the impact of light exposure and enhance the stability of your formulations. Learn more

In-use Studies

Understand the stability and performance of your products under real-world conditions with our in-use studies. Neopharm designs and conducts studies to simulate actual usage scenarios, ensuring that your pharmaceutical products maintain their integrity and efficacy throughout their intended usage period. Trust us to help you optimize product design and packaging, enhancing user experience and product satisfaction. Learn more


Neopharm offers thermo-cycling and custom studies to assess the impact of temperature variations on the stability of your pharmaceutical products. Our controlled testing protocols and custom study designs allow us to mimic specific temperature profiles and evaluate the product's robustness under various conditions. Benefit from our tailored approach to stability testing and gain insights into product performance and integrity. Learn more

Stability Study Protocols/Reports and Trends/Statistical Reports

Neopharm provides comprehensive stability study protocols, reports, and trends/statistical reports tailored to meet regulatory requirements. Our experienced scientists design and execute stability studies, ensuring compliance with relevant guidelines. We deliver detailed reports, including statistical analyses and trend evaluations, giving you valuable insights into your product's stability and facilitating informed decision-making. Learn more

Controlled Substances

Neopharm understands the unique challenges associated with stability testing and storage of controlled substances. With our specialized expertise and compliant storage facilities, we offer stability services that adhere to strict regulatory guidelines, ensuring the integrity and security of controlled substances throughout their designated shelf life. Learn more

Partner with Neopharm today and leverage our expertise, advanced methodologies, and commitment to excellence. Contact us now to discuss your specific stability service needs and discover how our comprehensive suite of services can support your pharmaceutical operations. 

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