Advanced Analytical Chemistry Testing Services for Accurate Results and Reliable Insights

Neopharm provides comprehensive analytical chemistry testing services to ensure the quality, safety, and consistency of your products.

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We provide reliable GMP quality control testing and innovative R&D solutions to accelerate product development and improve people's lives.

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Analytical chemistry poses several challenges, including maintaining result accuracy, adhering to regulatory guidelines for drug safety and efficacy, meeting product release deadlines, and managing costs. When dealing with pharmaceutical products, it's crucial to count on a team specialized in assessing and controlling various potential scenarios.

At Neopharm, we help clients to ensure all products meet necessary standards while remaining cost-effective.


Comprehensive testing services

Our range of analytical chemistry testing services includes raw material testing, finished product testing, and more. We guarantee accurate results that meet all regulatory requirements.

State-of-the-art lab capabilities

Neopharm's state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and sophisticated analytical instrumentation to ensure the highest levels of accuracy in our tests. Our team of experienced chemists are available to assist you every step of the way.

Peace of mind with Neopharm

With our comprehensive analytical chemistry testing services, you can be sure that your products meet all regulatory requirements and remain safe for consumption. We strive for excellence in everything we do, so you can always trust us to deliver quality results that exceed expectations.

At Neopharm, we have deep expertise in assessing different types of chemistry testing services to meet the unique needs of our customers, such as:

Wet Chemistry 

Our wet chemistry analysis involves qualitative and quantitative tests that provide valuable insights into chemical composition, reactions, and properties. We employ a range of wet chemistry techniques to support accurate characterization and identification of substances. Learn more

Identification and Characterization

Our identification services employ advanced spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques to identify and verify the composition and purity of compounds. With our expertise, we help clients confirm the identity of substances and detect potential impurities. Learn more

Assay and Content Determination 

We offer precise and reliable assay and content determination services to quantify the active ingredients and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our methods comply with industry standards, providing accurate assessments of potency and purity. Learn more

Residual Solvents 

We conduct analytical techniques to detect and quantify residual solvents in products. By ensuring compliance with safety regulations and product quality standards, we help our clients mitigate risks and enhance consumer safety. Learn more

Chromatography Services

Our expertise in selecting the most suitable chromatography technique and our specialized knowledge and capabilities allow us to determine the most appropriate method to support your projects. Learn more

Related Substances and Impurities

Our comprehensive analysis allows us to identify and quantify related substances and impurities present in various samples. With our expertise, clients gain valuable insights into the composition and purity of their products, enabling them to make informed decisions. Learn more

Dissolution Testing 

Our dissolution testing services assess the release rate of active ingredients from solid dosage forms, ensuring their effectiveness and bioavailability. By evaluating dissolution profiles, we provide valuable data for formulation optimization and quality control. Learn more

Physical and Physico-Chemical Tests 

We conduct a wide range of physical and physico-chemical tests, including particle size analysis, viscosity determination, density measurements, and more. These tests provide critical information about the physical properties and characteristics of substances.

Physical Properties 

We offer comprehensive analysis of physical properties such as melting point, boiling point, refractive index, and conductivity. By evaluating these properties, we help clients understand the behavior and performance of their materials. 

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