Accurate substances Identification and characterization

At Neopharm, we are experts in providing identification chemistry analysis methods, enabling our clients to accurately determine the composition, purity, and identity of chemical substances.

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The presence of impurities or unknown components can hinder accurate characterization and impact product performance. At Neopharm, we are committed to solving these challenges effectively by employing cutting-edge techniques and leveraging our expertise. 

With our advanced spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques, coupled with our expert team of chemists, we deliver precise and reliable results that help our clients maintain quality control, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive innovation.


Accurate and Reliable Results

We prioritize accuracy and reliability in our identification chemistry services. Our advanced techniques, rigorous testing protocols, and quality control measures ensure that you receive precise and dependable results you can trust.

Expertise and Experience

Our team of chemists brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of identification chemistry. With their profound knowledge and comprehensive understanding of analytical techniques, we can handle complex projects and provide tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Advanced Analytical Techniques 

These techniques enable us to analyze complex mixtures, detect impurities, and provide detailed molecular information.

Visual Ions Analysis

Our visual ions analysis method uses modern technology to detect and identify ions in your product quickly and accurately.

Infrared and Ultraviolet Analysis

Our infrared and ultraviolet analysis method is used to identify a wide range of chemical components with high accuracy.

Appearance, Solubility, Color and Turbidity Tests

We also offer appearance, solubility, color & turbidity tests that enable us to accurately identify components with greater precision.

Chemical Identification Tests

Our chemical identification tests are performed according to USP, EP & other standards for accurate identification & quantification of components in your product.

Neopharm Answers to Common Questions about Identification Chemistry:

Identification chemistry involves the use of spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques to determine the composition, purity, and identity of chemical substances.

At Neopharm, we utilize advanced spectroscopic techniques such as FTIR, NMR, UV-Vis, and mass spectrometry, along with chromatographic methods like HPLC and GC, to perform identification and verification of chemical substances.

Yes, our identification chemistry services can detect impurities and unknown components in samples, enabling accurate characterization and assessment of purity.

We prioritize accuracy and reliability in our identification chemistry services. Our advanced techniques, experienced team, and stringent quality control measures ensure precise and dependable results.

Absolutely. Our identification chemistry services comply with regulatory guidelines and industry standards, making them suitable for demonstrating compliance and meeting regulatory obligations.

Contact us to discuss your identification chemistry needs and discover how our advanced techniques and expertise can unlock valuable insights for your products and processes. 

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