Comprehensive Solutions for your R&D Journey

At Neopharm, we provide a wide variety of solutions to address your scientific and regulatory requirements. We are dedicated to offering unmatched commitment, expertise, and industry insight to assist you in navigating your products from the initial concept all the way to post-commercialization.

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We have services to speed up your product development.

We provide reliable GMP quality control testing and innovative R&D solutions to accelerate product development and improve people's lives.

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Our team of highly skilled scientists and researchers bring extensive knowledge and experience to every project. We have a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and can master the complexities of the product development process, delivering outstanding results time and time again.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each organization and project is unique. That's why we offer customized R&D services designed to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you require support in early-stage research, formulation development, new drug application, or regulatory compliance, our comprehensive range of services provides the necessary expertise to address your requirements effectively.

Proven Track Record

Our reputation speaks for itself. Over the years, we have built a solid track record of delivering exceptional results and helping our clients bring their innovative products to market successfully. When you choose Neopharm, you can have confidence in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations.

At Neopharm we offer a comprehensive range of testing services that include:

Method Development and Validation Services in Chemistry

Our expert chemists excel in developing and validating robust analytical methods tailored to your specific requirements. Rely on us for accurate and precise analyses that support your research and development goals. Learn more

Method Development and Validation Services in Microbiology

Our microbiology experts specialize in developing and validating microbiological methods, including sterility testing, microbial identification, antibiotics assays, and endotoxin testing. Trust us to deliver accurate and reliable microbiological analyses. Learn more

Chiral Method Development & Validation

We specialize in developing chiral methods for the separation and analysis of enantiomers. Our tailored approaches enable precise quantification and characterization of chiral compounds, supporting your drug development process. Learn more

Chiral and Achiral Compound Purification

Neopharm offers purification services for both chiral and achiral compounds. Our purification techniques ensure high purity levels, meeting the stringent quality standards required for pharmaceutical applications. Learn more

Method Transfer

Seamless method transfer is crucial for maintaining consistency and reliability. Our team ensures a smooth transition of methods from one laboratory to another, minimizing risks and ensuring regulatory compliance. Learn more

Compatibility Studies

Understanding the compatibility of different drug substances and excipients is essential to ensure formulation stability. Neopharm conducts comprehensive compatibility studies to identify potential issues and provide solutions for successful product development. Learn more

Disinfectant Efficacy Studies 

We offer thorough disinfectant efficacy studies to assess the effectiveness of antimicrobial agents against target microorganisms. Our studies help you make informed decisions regarding disinfection strategies and compliance with regulatory requirements. Learn more

Cleaning Validation Studies

Neopharm conducts comprehensive cleaning validation studies to ensure the cleanliness and safety of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. Our studies verify the effectiveness of cleaning procedures and traces of residual detergent, minimizing cross-contamination risks for your drug products. Learn more

Filter Validation Studies 

Filter validation is critical for maintaining the integrity and safety of sterile drug products. Our experienced team performs thorough filter validation studies to assess the integrity, compatibility and effectiveness of your filtration systems. Learn more

Experimental Polar Surface Area (EPSA)

By leveraging the innovative Experimental Polar Surface Area (EPSA) approach, we provide valuable insights into the physicochemical properties of compounds, enabling informed decisions in drug design and formulation. Learn more

Contact us today to discuss your Research and Development needs. Let Neopharm be your trusted partner in driving scientific excellence, ensuring regulatory compliance, and accelerating your path to success.

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