Accurate Assessments to Facilitate Your Product Development Process

Neopharm offers pre-formulation studies to test the compatibility of drugs, excipients, and administration devices in various conditions.

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Our expert team conducts thorough investigations, providing valuable insights and detailed reports to support formulation development and ensure product safety and efficacy.

In the complex landscape of pharmaceutical development, compatibility studies play a pivotal role in ensuring product safety, stability, and efficacy. At Neopharm, we understand the importance of these studies and the challenges they present for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

With our state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge analytical techniques, and experienced scientists, we provide thorough and accurate assessments of compatibility, enabling informed decision-making throughout the drug development process.


Pre-formulation Studies Made Easy

We provide a fast and reliable pre-formulation study of drug combinations, pharmaceutical excipient compatibility tests and pharmaceutical administration device testing. 

Accuracy You Can Count on

Our results are accurate and reliable thanks to our advanced technology. Our team of experts also ensures that all results are verified before they are released.

Maximize Time and Resources

Neopharm provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for conducting pre-formulation studies. We tailor our services to match your budget and requirements, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Neopharm Answers to Common Questions About Compatibility Studies

Compatibility studies involve evaluating the interaction between a drug substance and excipients or administration sets/devices. These studies assess the compatibility, stability, and integrity of the formulation to ensure its safety, efficacy, and shelf life.

Compatibility studies are essential to identify potential interactions, physical changes, or degradation that may occur within a formulation. By understanding the compatibility of a drug with excipients and administration systems, formulation developers can optimize the formulation and ensure its stability and quality.

In-use stability studies assess the stability of a drug product during its utilization period, especially for multi-dose products after opening and reconstitution. These studies determine the product's stability, potency, and absence of degradation or contamination, ensuring its safety and effectiveness for patient use.

Compatibility studies provide crucial information to ensure the integrity, stability, and quality of pharmaceutical formulations. By identifying potential issues early on, these studies help minimize risks associated with compromised product efficacy, safety, and shelf life, ensuring patient satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

Ensure the stability and integrity of your pharmaceutical formulations with Neopharm's comprehensive Compatibility Studies. Our expert team will evaluate the compatibility, stability, and quality of your formulations, providing valuable insights and detailed reports to support formulation development and ensure product safety and efficacy. Contact us today to discuss your specific compatibility study requirements and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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