Caroline Khouzam

Director, Human Resources

Caroline is Neopharm Lab’s Human Resources Director who brings with her, almost 20 years of progressive experience in various HR and leadership roles.

Caroline has extensive background in pharmaceutical and food industries which have proven to be valuable assets to the Company. She is our creative and innovative HR lead, daring to go beyond the usual to obtain results previously thought unattainable. In her role, Caroline ensures our employees experience a warm and diverse atmosphere, providing opportunities for development in a professional context, while keeping us structured in line with our corporate business strategies.

Caroline has demonstrated her abilities as a strategic HR partner through her previous HR experiences at Servier, Bariatix Nutrition, KraftHeinz and Bassé Nuts. She is a multi-talented executive who is not afraid to get involved with details while providing solid guidance to her colleagues at every level. Caroline is equally as comfortable in working with numbers as she is comfortable working with people. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s degree in HR Management. We are thrilled to have Caroline’s expertise in guiding our HR strategies and processes as Neopharm pushes towards future growth.

Nothing but nothing phases Caroline, unless of course… it’s a matter of choice which chocolate bar she should have in the afternoon!