EPSA Assay 101

In this webinar on-demand, Gilles Goetz, Ph.D., an original developer of EPSA, presents the background and preliminary implementation. We hear from professionals in the industry about their own experiences using EPSA through a panel discussion and Q+A session.

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EPSA is a supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) technique for peptides that enables improved permeability design and can be used as a permeability surrogate. This method is used to assess polarity by retention time using controlled SFC conditions in a standardized method.

About the Presenters

  • Gilles GoetzPh.D., Principal Scientist, Pfizer

    Co-developer of the EPSA Assay, Gilles presents the background of EPSA and weighs in on how it is being implemented today.

  • Bill FarrellAssociate Research Fellow, Pfizer

    Co-developer of the EPSA Assay, Bill discusses the assay's new niche for large molecules and peptides alongside its original use for small molecules. Bill is the moderator of this event and weighs in during the Q+A session.

  • Romulo RomeroAnalytical Scientist, AbbVie

    Romulo is an analytical chemist with over 20 years in pharma discovery, currently focusing on SFC, with an interest in automation and high throughput processes, as well as space exploration.

  • Huy NguyenScientist, Genentech

    Huy is a scientist in the Analytical Research group from Genentech. His group focuses on running phys chem assays like EPSA, logD, and solubility. In addition, Huy's group utilizes microfluidics to develop novel phys chem assays.

  • Johan NicolaïSr. Research Scientist Investigative ADME, UCB

    Johan is a senior scientist in the DMPK department at UCB. After obtaining his PhD, he joined UCB in 2016 and focused on the prediction of brain disposition of small molecules before moving to the area of intestinal drug absorption of NCEs. More recently he has been involved in the evaluation of the permeability of bRo5 compounds and is looking at ways to relate bRo5 compounds’ passive permeability to physicochemical parameters such as EPSA.

  • Erin JordanSr. Scientist I, AbbVie

    Erin received her bachelor's degree from the University of MN and her master's in chemistry from Northwestern University, performing synthetic organic chemistry under the advisory of Karl Scheidt. Erin began her career at Abbott Laboratories in 2009 providing chiral purification support to Process Chemistry. In 2011 she transitioned into Abbott/AbbVie Drug Discovery where she currently co-leads the chiral SFC platform supporting medicinal chemistry therapeutic teams.  Erin has been running the EPSA assay within her group since 2018.

  • Paul LefebvreGeneral Manager, Neopharm Boston

    General Manager of Neopharm Boston, former Averica Discovery, since 2018, Paul has worked in separations and purification for over 25 years. His experience with purification has been as both a vendor and a customer.

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