Lyne Veilleux : Passion for healthcare sciences

Lyne's path into the health sciences began with a childhood fascination with scientific laboratories.

Lyne’s fascination with healthcare and science dates back to her high school years, “I loved science labs, especially the ones where you could do organ dissection. So when it came time to make a career choice, it was easy for me to choose the health sciences field.”

The ever-changing nature of the medical field, propelled by new technologies, fueled his enthusiasm for learning. Lyne recognizes the rewarding but highly responsible nature of her work, “You must always keep in mind that there is a human who receives the test results or a drug that has been analyzed. We must treat each sample as if it were that of a member of our family.”

Overcoming obstacles was made easier for Lyne thanks to the unwavering support and encouragement of her parents. Their support played a central role in his journey to a career in health sciences.

The intention to make a difference

Reflecting on a defining moment in her career, Lyne highlights the impact of several hospital placements after completing her studies. These experiences not only solidified her passion for healthcare but also made it tangible. Interacting with passionate professionals during her internships left an indelible mark, showing how their work significantly impacts patients' lives. Lyne says “The diversity of tasks that I had to accomplish allowed me to navigate through several disciplines and better guide my choice. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.”

There is still more to do

Throughout her career, Lyne has met inspiring women in science, people who stand out for their high skills and leadership qualities. However, she notes that “these women are still relatively few in number,” emphasizing the need for greater representation and diversity.

Follow your dreams

For young girls aspiring to pursue a career in science, Lyne offers empowering advice: follow your dreams and ambitions, resist external pressures, and maintain confidence in your passion. She emphasizes that every young girl has the potential to make a significant difference.




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