Marina Dobrovolskaya : It's all about chemistry!

Marina's journey into chemistry began with childhood dreams in Russia. From setting up a mini laboratory at home to becoming a seasoned professional in the pharmaceutical industry,

Marina's journey into the field of chemistry began with the innocence of childhood dreams in Russia. In the tradition of asking children about their aspirations, Marina consistently declared her desire to be a scientist. The early seeds of curiosity were sown, and she even set up a mini laboratory at home, albeit with a memorable incident involving acid and a burnt table during her school days.Le chemin de Marina dans le domaine de la chimie a commencé avec l'innocence des rêves d'enfance en Russie. Dans la tradition d'interroger les enfants sur leurs aspirations, Marina a constamment déclaré son désir d'être un scientifique. Les premières graines de curiosité ont été semées, et elle a même mis en place un mini laboratoire à la maison, bien qu'avec un incident mémorable impliquant de l'acide et une table brûlée pendant ses jours d'école.

Beyond Standards

Thinking about her education, Marina highlights the lack of discourse around feminism during her early studies in Russia in the early 2000s. In an environment where more women populated her university chemistry group than men, pursuing science felt natural. For Marina, it wasn't a conscious choice to defy gender norms; rather, it was the expected path after finishing school.

Contrary to familial influence, Marina's parents did not hail from the scientific domain. Her mother, a music teacher, and her father, a construction chief, had careers outside the scientific field. Marina's inspiration stemmed from her innate love for reading, particularly her father's penchant for books. The world of literature, coupled with her intrinsic curiosity, laid the foundation for her lifelong dedication to science.

For Marina, the decision to study chemistry was more of a natural inclination than a conscious rebellion against societal norms. In a time when discussions on women's rights and feminism were not prevalent in her educational milieu, Marina navigated her academic path with an inherent sense of belonging in the scientific community.

A memorable moment

Recalling a memorable moment in her career, Marina fondly reminisces about her time working in a pharmaceutical factory in Ukraine. The factory, a collaboration between Indian and Ukrainian professionals, showcased cultural diversity. Marina takes pride in being featured in a television advertisement for the factory, showcasing her role and contributions. Although not deeply tied to science, this experience added a unique chapter to her professional journey.

Inspiration drawn from words

Marina's inspiration extends beyond the scientific realm, drawing from her love for literature and exposure to a variety of Russian and international authors. She acknowledges the subjective nature of inspiration, recognizing that everyone’s experience is unique.

Marina concludes the interview by expressing her fascination with technological advancements. From the evolution of spectrophotometers to the compactness of modern devices, she marvels at the continuous progress in science and technology. Marina encourages a mindset of curiosity and staying abreast of developments, emphasizing the dynamic nature of science.



Marina Dobrovolskaya

M.Sc., Chimiste

QA/QS Director

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