Mildreth Poveda: Illuminating the Path of Scientific Inquiry

Mildreth takes us on a global exploration of scientific frontiers, from her origins in Colombia to her pivotal role in malaria vaccine research.

Mildreth's fascination with science began in high school, where hands-on laboratory experiments sparked her curiosity. “The fact of doing different experiments, with the aim of explaining physico-chemical phenomena, awakened in me a sense of curiosity, of wanting to understand the why of all these phenomena, the magic of reactions, the colors, the effervescence , the formation of precipitates…”

The hands-on experience exploring physicochemical phenomena motivated her to pursue a career in chemistry, ultimately leading her to the promising fields of petroleum, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. “I also consider that the immense passion for what I do has been my main source of perseverance. But the desire to become an example for my daughter as well as the constancy and discipline instilled by my parents were also a great contribution to keeping me on this path of becoming a woman in science.”

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Career turning point: Malaria vaccine research and immunology.

A significant moment in Mildreth's career was her involvement in the research, synthesis and quality control of a malaria vaccine. This altruistic effort aimed to provide an alternative to populations affected by malaria.
“Working in immunology in the research, synthesis and quality control of the vaccine against malaria, a disease that affects a huge population in Africa and South and Central America, will always represent an experience of which I will be proud and to which I will be entirely grateful. »
Collaboration with renowned scientists, including Dr. M. Patarroyo, has enabled him to contribute to the global fight against this widespread disease.

Influential personalities: Nubia Munoz and Marie Curie

Nubia Munoz, a Colombian doctor and epidemiologist nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, inspires Mildreth with her research in virology and pathology, particularly in the fight against cervical cancer. Marie Curie's determination to research radioactivity further strengthens Mildreth's belief in the potential impact of women in science.

Empowering Tips for Young Scientists: It’s Worth the Effort!

Mildreth’s message to young girls aspiring to careers in science is one of encouragement: “I will tell them that the effort is worth it. The hours of research, the analytical mind, the exaggerated rigour that is necessary for our work and the constant struggle that we lead represent a contribution to society. Our work will bear fruit and the recognition we are so owed will arrive.”


Mildreth Poveda, 

M.Sc. Chimie

Chemistry Manager 

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