Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Plant Solutions Covering Air Sampling and Beyond

Neopharm offers specialized air sampling services tailored for pharmaceutical production labs, ensuring sterile environments and regulatory compliance.

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Pharmaceutical settings require optimal air quality to uphold stringent regulatory standards and safeguard product integrity. At Neopharm, our Air Sampling services guarantee pharmaceutical environments meet the most rigorous requirements. Our team of experienced scientists and technicians utilizes advanced methods to precisely analyze air samples, identifying and quantifying microbial contaminants with unparalleled accuracy.

The Neopharm Solution

Precision and Reliability

Neopharm places precision and reliability at the forefront of our air sampling methodologies. Our experienced team uses innovative techniques to accurately detect and quantify microbial contaminants, providing dependable results for critical decision-making.

Regulatory Compliance

At Neopharm Air Sampling Services, we specialize in air quality and environmental safety regulations for pharmaceutical facilities. You can trust us to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory guidelines.

Expert Consultation and Actionable Insights

Our data-driven approach provides accurate air sampling results and empowers you with expert consultation and actionable insights. We offer detailed reports and expert guidance based on our findings, enabling you to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to maintain optimal air quality standards in your pharmaceutical facility.


Neopharm offers a comprehensive suite of air sampling services designed to address the unique challenges of pharmaceutical production environments. Our services include:

Active and Passive Viable Particles Monitoring: 

Real-time detection and mitigation of microbiological contaminants.

Non-Viable Particles Analysis: 

Comprehensive analysis ensuring cleanliness and compliance.

Surface Contact Verification: 

Rigorous checks to eliminate potential sources of contamination.

Hydrocarbon Measurement: 

Precise monitoring to enhance safety and compliance.

Dew Point Evaluation: 

Ensuring optimal storage conditions for pharmaceutical products.

Compressed Gases: 

Our expertise extends to meticulous analysis of compressed gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, ensuring their purity and adherence to pharmaceutical-grade standards.

Neopharm Answers to Common Questions about Air Sampling and Environmental Monitoring:

Air sampling helps maintain sterile environments crucial for pharmaceutical manufacturing and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

The frequency of air sampling depends on factors such as lab size, activities performed, and regulatory requirements. Neopharm can provide guidance tailored to your specific needs.

By identifying and mitigating microbiological contaminants, air sampling helps prevent product contamination, ensuring the integrity and efficacy of pharmaceutical products.

Choose Neopharm to streamline your air and water analyses and ensure full compliance with quality standards through our experienced team. Contact our experts today to discuss your testing and monitoring needs.

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