Reliable Antibiotic Assays for Determining Antibiotic Potency and Efficacy

At Neopharm, our firm commitment to pharmaceutical quality guarantees the proper evaluation of the potency and efficacy of your antibiotic formulations.

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Accurate and Reliable Results 

Our assay determination of a wide range of antibiotic molecules is done by the turbidimetric method or by the cylinder plate technique. It's performed per USP/EP general chapters amongst other methods.

Expert Certified Professionals

Our microbiology experts have extensive knowledge and experience in antibiotic testing and efficacy evaluation, providing you with expert guidance and support throughout the testing process.

The Best Technology for Better Results

We use only the latest technology and techniques to perform our tests, providing reliable data that meets industry standards. We also offer validation services for extra peace of mind.

Timely Results

We understand the importance of timely results. Our efficient processes and streamlined workflows enable us to deliver prompt reports to support your decision-making and product development timelines.

Neopharm Answers to Common Questions about Antibiotic Assays:

Antibiotic assays involve the assessment of antibiotic potency, concentration, and efficacy. These tests determine the activity of antibiotics against specific pathogens and help ensure their effectiveness in treating microbial infections.

Antibiotic assays are essential for assessing the potency, efficacy, and quality of antibiotic formulations. They help determine the appropriate dosage and ensure the effectiveness of antibiotics in treating infections while minimizing the risk of antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic assays can involve various techniques, such as agar diffusion assays, broth dilution assays, or minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) determination. These methods assess the inhibitory effects of antibiotics against specific microorganisms.

Regulatory requirements for antibiotic assays vary depending on the intended use and market regulations. They are set by regulatory bodies, such as the FDA, and must be followed to ensure compliance and market approval.

Contact us today to leverage our expertise in antibiotic assays. Ensure the potency, efficacy, and quality of your antibiotic products by partnering with Neopharm. Trust our accurate and reliable testing services to assess antibiotic performance and support your product development and regulatory compliance needs.

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