Mylene Gagnon: The Universe in Miniature

Mylene's trajectory from a biology enthusiast to a virologist showcases the dynamic nature of scientific careers.

Mylène's interest in science blossomed from a very young age, with biology being her favourite subject. “What a joy to discover life and its extraordinary phenomena through fun and very interesting activities. In high school, I discovered Biology and at that moment I knew unequivocally that my profession had to be linked to the field of health.”

During her years in CEGEP, Mylène discovered her passion for virology and immunology, “the universe of the infinitely small attracted my attention, so I completed my Baccalaureate in Microbiology at Laval University with the following. Coming from the North Shore, more precisely from the town of Baie-Comeau, this meant uprooting myself to continue my studies in Quebec City, far from my family. Despite everything, my passion for science allowed me to hold on and also complete a master’s degree in Virology/Immunology at the Armand-Frappier Institute in Laval.”

From teaching to quality assurance

Mylene began her career in teaching, enjoying the art of simplifying scientific concepts for students. However, her love for the laboratory drew her in and she accepted roles in microbiology at Neopharm. “I became an extremely versatile analyst and 6 years later I joined the Quality Assurance team. At that moment, I knew that my career had just taken another turn. Thus, over the last 7 years, I have learned quality and regulatory processes to become an expert in the field and a reference for my colleagues so that Neopharm achieves and maintains a high level of quality.”

Inspiring figures: Marie Curie and Ada Yonath

Mylène finds inspiration in the groundbreaking work of Marie Curie and Ada Yonath, both Nobel Prize winners. Marie Curie's historic contributions and Ada Yonath's impact on antibiotic research resonate deeply with Mylène, reflecting their determination and importance in the scientific community.

Advice for future scientists: Follow your dreams!

“If a young girl asked me for advice, I would tell her to go for it and follow her dreams. Nothing is impossible when determination and confidence are there. The science community is large and accessible to everyone.”


Mylène Gagnon

M.Sc. Microbiologiste

Manager, Quality  

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