Preserving the Integrity of Your Progress

Neopharm offers comprehensive Cell Banking services, providing secure and reliable storage of cell lines and cell cultures for the biotech market. With state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality control measures, we ensure the preservation and accessibility of valuable cell-based assets.

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We provide reliable GMP quality control testing and innovative R&D solutions to accelerate product development and improve people's lives.

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In the dynamic world of biotech, regulatory compliance is paramount. Neopharm's Cell Banking services provide a solution tailored to the stringent regulatory landscape. We meticulously adhere to industry standards, offering comprehensive documentation, traceability, and quality assurance protocols. By partnering with Neopharm, you can confidently navigate the complex regulatory environment and move your innovations forward.


Efficient Cell Line Preservation

Neopharm addresses the need for efficient preservation of cell lines. Our Cell Banking services utilize cryopreservation techniques, ensuring the long-term viability and genetic stability of your cell lines. By entrusting us with your cell banking needs, you can focus on your research and development activities, confident that your cell lines are well preserved and readily accessible.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the regulatory landscape in the biotech market can be complex. Neopharm's Cell Banking services adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines, ensuring compliance with industry standards. We provide comprehensive documentation, traceability, and quality assurance protocols, supporting your regulatory submissions and facilitating the approval process.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigating the risk of cell line contamination or loss is crucial for biotech companies. Neopharm's secure cell banking facilities and robust contamination control protocols minimize the risk of cross-contamination and preserve the integrity of your cell lines. By entrusting us with your cell banking needs, you can mitigate the risk of irreparable losses and protect your investment in cell-based research.

Convenient Access to Cell Lines

Accessing well-characterized and authenticated cell lines when needed is essential for biotech research and development. Neopharm provides convenient access to your stored cell lines, ensuring prompt delivery and minimizing downtime. Our secure online portal allows you to request cell lines and track their distribution, streamlining your workflow and facilitating seamless collaboration.

Neopharm Answers to Common Questions About Cell Banking

Cell banking involves the preservation, storage, and distribution of cell lines or cell cultures for future use. It is essential for maintaining a consistent and reliable supply of well-characterized cells for research, development, and production. Cell banking ensures the availability of authenticated and high-quality cell lines, reducing experimental variability and accelerating biotech advancements.

Neopharm employs strict quality control measures to ensure the quality and integrity of stored cell lines. We perform comprehensive identity verification, microbial testing, and genetic stability assessments to authenticate and characterize cell lines. Our techniques and secure storage facilities maintain the viability and purity of cell lines, minimizing the risk of contamination or genetic drift.

Neopharm provides convenient access to your stored cell lines through our secure online portal. You can request specific cell lines, specify the required quantity, and track the distribution process. Our efficient logistics team ensures prompt and reliable delivery, allowing you to access your cell lines when you need them for research, development, or production activities.

At Neopharm, we not only provide Cell Banking services; we offer peace of mind, streamlined access, and expert solutions for the challenges that matter most to your biotech efforts.
Choose Neopharm for reliable and secure services that preserve the potential of your cell-based innovations.

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