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Neopharm Life Sciences is your partner in advancing clinical studies through comprehensive Biomarker Assays. From meticulous biomarker selection to innovative assay development, our services address the complexities of clinical research.

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We have services to speed up your product development.

We provide reliable GMP quality control testing and innovative R&D solutions to accelerate product development and improve people's lives.

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Considering the complexities of clinical biomarker assays, we understand that our partners in the biotechnology industry require precision and expertise to help them navigate regulatory complexities and ensure robust assay performance. 

The Neopharm Solution

Biomarker Selection Expertise

We understand the importance of selecting the correct biomarkers. Our team excels in identifying and recommending biomarkers relevant to your clinical objectives.

Sample Collection Excellence

Proper sample collection is the foundation of reliable biomarker analysis. Our protocols ensure the integrity and reliability of human samples, including urine, feces, serum, blood, and tissues.

Assay Development Mastery

Our assay development involves a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating techniques from chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics. We employ diverse methods to accurately detect biomarkers, including immunoassays, molecular assays, and mass spectrometry.

Validation and Standardization

Rigorous validation ensures the accuracy and reliability of our assays. We adhere to strict standards, providing you with results you can trust.

Quantification and Sensitivity Optimization

Establishing sensitivity and quantification limits is crucial for clinical relevance. We optimize our assays to detect biomarkers at clinically relevant concentrations, providing valuable insights for your study.

Neopharm answers to common questions about Clinical Biomarker Assays

We have expertise in analyzing a broad range of biomarkers, including those related to chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics, ensuring a comprehensive approach to clinical research.

Our rigorous validation and standardization processes, combined with optimized quantification and sensitivity limits, ensure the accuracy and reliability of our biomarker assays.

Absolutely. Our team excels in biomarker selection, guiding the most relevant biomarkers tailored to your specific clinical study goals.

At Neopharm, we answer with precision to your needs, whether you are exploring new biomarkers or optimizing existing assays. Contact us today to leverage our expertise and drive progress in your biotech projects.

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