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Neopharm offers advanced LC/MS (Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) services. We ensure high-throughput sample analysis and reliable data with minimal sample preparation. Our unique combination of speed and scalability make Neopharm your ideal choice for biochemical research and drug discovery.

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Precision and Expertise

Neopharm's LC/MS services offer precise compound identification based on mass-to-charge ratios and retention times. By coupling liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry, we enable you to confidently identify and analyze a wide range of compounds, including small molecules, small and large peptides, nucleic acids, metabolites, and biomarkers. Our expertise ensures reliable and comprehensive compound identification, supporting your biotech projects with scientific rigour.

Expertise in Quantitative Analysis and Assay Development

Quantitative analysis plays a vital role in biotech applications, such as pharmacokinetic studies, bioanalysis, and drug metabolism assessments. Our team creates and verifies LC/MS assays customized to your specific targets, ensuring accurate and consistent results every time. We support your biotech research and development by delivering reliable data for informed decision-making.

Meticulous Drug and Impurity Analysis

Pharmaceutical companies rely on accurate drug analysis and impurity detection for quality control and regulatory compliance. Neopharm's LC/MS services excel in the analysis of drugs, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), formulation components, and impurities. Our capabilities encompass structure elucidation, degradation product analysis, and impurity profiling. We ensure that your drug products meet the highest quality standards, contributing to the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals in the biotech market.

Neopharm Answers to Common Questions About LC/MS

LC/MS, or Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, is a powerful analytical technique used to separate and analyze compounds based on their chemical properties and mass. In LC/MS, a liquid chromatography system separates the compounds of interest, while a mass spectrometer detects and quantifies the separated analytes based on their mass-to-charge ratios. This combination of techniques enables the identification, characterization, and quantification of compounds in complex samples with high sensitivity and specificity.

LC/MS can analyze a wide range of sample types, including biological samples (e.g., blood, urine, tissue extracts), pharmaceutical formulations, environmental samples, and more. Neopharm's LC/MS services accommodate diverse sample matrices, ensuring accurate and comprehensive analysis for your specific biotech applications.

LC/MS offers several advantages for compound analysis. It provides high sensitivity, allowing for the detection of compounds at trace levels. LC/MS also offers selectivity, enabling the differentiation of compounds with similar structures. Additionally, LC/MS can handle complex samples, offering comprehensive analysis of multiple compounds within a single run. Its versatility and accuracy make it an indispensable tool in biotech research, development, and quality control.

Choose Neopharm for precise and reliable LC/MS services. Contact us today to leverage our expertise and elevate the impact of your biotech research and development.

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