Stories of women who make a difference!

From Women in Sciences Day to International Women's Day, Today, we direct the spotlight to stories that go beyond the laboratory doors.

From Women in Sciences Day to International Women's Day, Today, we direct the spotlight to stories that go beyond the laboratory doors.

At Neopharm, we proudly stand at the intersection of innovation and inspiration. With more than 60% female talent in our team, we value and honour their contributions.

We take this moment to share the stories of some of the great women at Neopharm: Mylene Gagnon, Lorelei Durand, Lyne Veilleux, Mildreth Poveda, Rose-Marie Moreno, and Marina Dobrovolskaya. Read about their curiosity, resilience, and unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge.

Mylène Gagnon: The Universe in Miniature 

Mylene's trajectory from a biology enthusiast to a virologist showcases the dynamic nature of scientific careers. Her unwavering passion for science led her through teaching, microbiology, and ultimately to a prominent position in Quality Assurance.  Meet Mylène! 

Loreleï Durand: The Impact of Curiosity in Science

Loreleï encapsulates the essence of curiosity as a driving force in scientific exploration. From her early fascination with the natural world to her pivotal role in biotechnology, Loreleï's journey is a testament to the power of curiosity and its transformative impact on scientific endeavours. Meet Loreleï! 

Lyne Veilleux: Nurturing a Passion for Health Sciences

Lyne's path into the health sciences began with a childhood fascination with scientific laboratories. Her enthusiasm seamlessly evolved into a career choice driven by continuous learning in the ever-evolving field. Meet Lyne!

Rose-Marie Moreno: A Symphony of Science and Art

Rose-Marie's narrative harmonizes her love for arts with scientific exploration. Overcoming skepticism and searching for an understanding of the human body, Rose-Marie's journey exemplifies the transformative power of determination and resilience. Read Rose-Marie post

Marina Dobrovolskaya: It's all about Chemistry!

Marina's journey into chemistry began with childhood dreams in Russia. From setting up a mini laboratory at home to becoming a seasoned professional in the pharmaceutical industry, Marina's story highlights the intrinsic connection between curiosity, determination, and a lifelong dedication to science. Meet Marina!

Mildreth Poveda: Illuminating the Path of Scientific Inquiry

Mildreth takes us on a global exploration of scientific frontiers, from her origins in Colombia to her pivotal role in malaria vaccine research. Her dedication to immunology and infectious diseases demonstrates the profound impact that women in science can have on addressing global health challenges. Meet Mildreth!

In celebrating Women's History Month, let these stories inspire us all to make a difference. Neopharm is honoured to celebrate all our female talent embodied by these exceptional women and their indelible contributions to the sciences.

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